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Why hire from Easy Birth?


Why Hire from Easy Birth?

Easy Birth is owned and operated by a Women's Health Physiotherapist.

You will be hiring from a registered physiotherapist, so you do not need to obtain another referral from your GP or obstetrician before claiming private health rebates for this device. This is not the case with many other Labour TENS hiring companies.



Please contact us to find out which funds are covered.


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Welcome to Easy Birth, a product and information site about Labour TENS machine hire and sales.

Labour TENS machines are an effective pain relieving device that can help you attain a drug free and natural birthing experience.  Many women around the world have successfully used Labour TENS for labour pain management.

In Australia, Labour TENS machines are becoming an even more popular choice of pain relief as expecting mothers search for other options to avoid the invasiveness of an epidural.

cost of hire starts at

$65 for 5 week hire period  


For a print friendly PDF brochure about Easy Birth - Labour TENS machines click on the link below: 

Easybirth Brochure small file.pdf


Easy Birth - Labour TENS           


      " Labour TENS helped me progress though each stage of labour, naturally and drug free "


" I was free to move and was able to stay at home for longer, when i got to the hospital I was already 8cm dilated "


     " with my second pregnancy the labour pain came on fast and on top of each other, once i got to the hospital I was able to use it in combination with the gas, and felt in control"


these are some of the positive comments from the patients who have used the Labour TENS machine.





Easy to use, pain relief at a push of a button


Stay in the comfort of your home


Does not stop you from maintaining a  variety of natural labouring positions such as all fours, leaning forward, sitting or standing


Gravity assisted positioning achieved


Helps you progress through labour drug free





You are upright, your diaphragm is not impeded, you will attain diaphragmatic breathing, hence easier to breath through your pain


Cost effective, allowing you to avoid an epidural 



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